Pokemon GO Players Jam Streets in Taipei City: Residents Complain

Residents complained after being unable to drive to or from their homes due to a crowd of thousands of Pokemon GO players that gathered in the Beitou District of Taipei City today.

Several cars were seen in the middle of the street, unable to move in the shoulder to shoulder crowd, and one driver complained that he had been stuck in his car for 30 minutes. He said that the car was constantly shaking as people bumped into it on all sides.

Hotel managers also complained about the throng as guests were unable to drive in and out of the hotel.

Park workers reported that they had to remove piles of trash. Garden beds were trampled, and squirrels and birds had disappeared from the park.

a crowd of Pokemon GO players in Taiwan
Pokemon GO players gather in a residential area of Beitou District in Taipei City, Taiwan August 21, 2016

Pokemon GO players

Pokemon GO


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