Oil Tanker Aground on Taipei Coast

An CNPC oil tanker carrying 20,000 kiloliters of aviation gas ran aground on the coast of New Taipei City this morning, and is currently sitting less than 200 meters from shore.

Tugs have been sent to attempt to tow the ship offshore at high-tide.

The ship ran aground at Ruibin at around 9:00am. According to a harbor bureau section chief, the ship was preparing to enter Shen-ao Harbor when the crew miscalculated the depth at low tide. Harbor authorities said the ship is not technically stranded, but the stern is sitting on the bottom.

The Kang Yun with a gross tonnage of 40,407 tons had sailed from Kaohsiung Harbor with a crew of 24. The crew remain on board.

oil tanker aground at Ruibin New Taipei City
An oil tanker aground in New Taipei City. December 1, 2016. Photo: United Daily News

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