Off Road Park Closed After 2 Year-old Killed in Rollover Accident: Driver Charged

An off road experience park in Manzhou Township, Pingtung County, was temporarily closed while local authorities undertake a comprehensive review of operating practices and regulations, after a fatal accident left a 2 year-old girl dead and 3 family members injured in a roll-over accident yesterday.

The driver of the jeep, Mr Zhang, who has 10 years driving jeeps at the park, has been charged with negligent homicide.

At around 11:00am Sunday morning, September 10, the Chen family were enjoying the “whirlwind mountain” off road experience, where groups of 3 or 4 people sit in the open back of short-wheel base jeeps. Passengers do not wear seat-belts, and often stand up during the experience.

Mr Zhang said that he lost control of the vehicle while attempting to dodge a puddle. The vehicle rolled onto its right side and the family was thrown onto the road. The girl died of head injuries. The father suffered a fractured femur, while the mother and an 8 year-old girl suffered bruises and minor abrasions.

jeep involved in fatal accident
Jeep involved in fatal accident in Pingtung County, September 10, 2017. Picture: United Daily News.

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