Gunman Fired Shots at Restaurant Because he was Overcharged

A man who fired at least three shots at a restaurant in Tainan City last month was arrested today. He told police he had fired the shots because the stir-fry restaurant had overcharged him.

In the early hours of November 20, a man standing on the median strip of Yongda Road in Yongkang District, Tainan City, shot at the facade of the restaurant, causing glass to shatter.

When customers inside the restaurant went out to investigate, they saw the suspect get into a car. Before driving away, the man fired two more shots out of the car window.

Police identified a 46 year-old suspect named Hsu. Hsu had been drifting between temporary abodes, moving every couple of days since the time of the shooting. When police caught up with Hsu yesterday, they found one handgun and 4 bullets on his person.

Hsu has been sent to the District Prosecutor’s office to face charges relating to violating firearms and ammunition control laws.

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