Driver Leaves Trail of Destruction. Police: No Crime Committed

A man in Taichung City crashed into a total of six cars during a trip to buy a midnight snack this morning.

Mr Chen, 64 first crashed into 3 parked cars in Guotai Street in the city’s northern district. Chen’s front right tire was ripped off the rim in the accident, but Chen continued driving for 5 kilometers with sparks flying off the bare rim, leaving visible marks on the road.

In Taiping District, Chen hit another 3 parked cars. Witnesses described an ear-splitting sound as Chen’s badly damaged car scraped along on the bare rim. Other drivers called the police and followed Chen’s car until it stopped in an alley where they found Chen in a semi-conscious state.

Police found that Chen had not been drinking. Chen told police that he suffered from terminal cancer and was had taken sedatives.

Police said that as nobody had been injured, Chen has not committed any criminal offense. Police let Chen go home pending further investigation.

car with bare rim

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