Driver Dragged 800 Meters After Being Thrown Out of Car

A man was declared dead at the hospital after being thrown out of the vehicle he was driving. He was then hit by another vehicle and dragged about 800 meters, on the National Highway in Miaoli County sometime after 4:00am this morning.

The accident occurred during heavy rainfall. Mr Wu is suspected of not wearing a seatbelt when he lost control of his car and crashed into the center traffic barrier.

A car driven by a Ms Huang hit Wu, and dragged him 800 meters down the road before stopping. Ms Huang said she didn’t see the victim in the dark and rainy conditions, and only stopped after hearing an unusual sound coming from under the car.

As the victim was not carrying any documents, police were unable to identify Wu until they were contacted by his mother at around 10:00am.

Source: Apple Daily

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