Codename: Iron Legs, Marines Start 250km 5 Day Loaded March

[Picture: ROC Marine Corps]

99th Marine Brigade ‘Iron Force’ set out this morning, December 14, on a 250km loaded march that will take 5 days to complete. The military has dubbed the exercise “Iron Legs”.

Along the way, troops will engage in live fire exercises including machine gun, grenade, and mortar fire. At times, the soldiers will be marching at night, and over various types of terrain.

The exercise aims to strengthen the physical endurance, courage, and confidence of troops, sharpen combat skills, and increase logistical combat readiness.

Long marches were a common feature of Taiwan’s military culture after the Chinese Nationalist Party was granted rule over the island at the end of the Second World War.

“Iron Legs”, however, is the first ‘long-march’ seen in Taiwan in over 10 years.

ROC 99th Marine Brigade on 250km march December 2016
ROC 99th Marine Brigade on maneuvers, December 14, 2016. Picture: 99th Brigade Facebook page.
rural villagers urge troops on as they embark on a 250 kilometer loaded march.
Citizens urge troops on as soldiers pass through a rural village in Taiwan’s Pingtung County. Picture: Ministry of National Defense.

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