Armed Gold Robber Foiled

[Picture: United Daily News]

A woman attempted to make off with NT$1.73 million worth of gold jewelry at a store in Hsinchu City yesterday, and was arrested when the owner chased her into the street, and drew the attention of patrolling police officers.

On the evening of April 12, the 33 year-old unemployed woman, Ms Liang, entered the store, and told the store owner she was getting married, and wanted to purchase gold for her wedding. Liang spent 2 hours in discussions and negotiations before pulling out a BB gun and a knife. Liang then swept the jewelry into a bag and left the store.

According to United Daily News, the owner followed the thief into the street and scuffled with her. Police happened to be on patrol nearby and immediately arrested her. Police said that Liang has previous convictions for theft.

woman arrested for armed robbery in Hsinchu City, April 12
Ms Liang was immediately arrested after trying to escape with gold jewelry. Picture: United Daily News.

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