American Resident Draws Attention to Garbage Waterfall

An American resident who publishes a website focused on waterfalls in Taiwan recently uncovered a “garbage waterfall” on a hiking trail in Hsinchu County. His video and reports on social media have received wide coverage in Taiwan’s Chinese language media.

Xiao Fei (小飛), as he is known on Facebook posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday, January 14, with the message “Please help me get this message to the people that need to hear it.”

A large, organized illegal trash dump in Hsinchu, Qionglin Township, near Xinpu. There are dozens of bags of construction, waste, recyclables, household garbage, and farm supplies. Please help call attention to this crisis. Together we can end illegal dumping.

Xiao Fei’s message was picked up by United Daily News, China Times, Liberty Times Network, and other media networks in Taiwan.

In the video, Xiao Fei says that he visited the site after being alerted after a fan sent him a message. The trash includes toxic pesticide containers, and site is in the catchment area of a reservoir supplying household and irrigation water. Pointing out one container, Xiao Fei says “This chemical is so toxic that a single teaspoon will kill an adult human in a really horrible and painful way.”

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