American Police Officer Questioned for Carrying Firearm on Flight

A California cop has been questioned after inadvertently carrying a handgun and six bullets on a flight transiting in Taiwan. The Santa Monica police officer discovered she had forgotten to unpack the gun before embarking on a trip to Bangkok.

After discovering her error, Nell Grant approached staff at the transit counter at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, and told them she had a handgun and six rounds of ammunition in her backpack. Airport police took her for interrogation, then handed her case over to the Taoyuan District Prosecutors office.

The American Institute in Taiwan helped Grant to find a lawyer to help her with her case. The maximum penalty for carrying an unauthorized weapon into Taiwan is 2 years prison.

Prosecutors placed an exit restriction on Grant, who will stay in Taiwan with her traveling companion until her case is heard.

Ruger handgun accidently carried on board a flight to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport
A handgun that a police officer accidentally carried aboard a flight from California to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.

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