Airplane Crashes After Landing on Orchid Island

Five people suffered light injuries when a Daily Air commuter flight skidded off the runway and crashed into a fence, after landing at Orchid Island’s Lanyu Airport this afternoon, April 13.

Crosswinds are believed to have contributed to the incident, but the exact cause is under investigation.

Liberty Times Network reports that four people refused hospital treatment after suffering abrasions, while a fifth was taken to a clinic suffering a foot injury.

The aircraft is one of 4 DHC6-400s owned by the airline. The planes carry a maximum of 19 passengers on three daily flights between Orchid Island and Taitung Airport.

The plane was landing at 4:35pm when it went out of control after touchdown and crashed into the perimeter fence. The plane was carrying two pilots and 17 passengers.

Daily Air said the US$9 million plane suffered damage to the nose, the left wing, and engines. The airline paid each passenger NT$5000 in “consolation” money.

Flights to the island tomorrow morning are canceled while a flight safety team carries out an inspection.

Daily Air flight crashed after landing on Orchid Island
Daily Air commuter plane after crashing after landing at Lanyu Airport, Orchid Island April 13, 2017. Picture: Facebook

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