24 ton Rock Falls off Truck

Drivers stopped at an intersection in Hualien this morning were lucky to escape being crushed when a 24 ton block of rock fell off a truck. The block damaged the road, and caused traffic to be blocked, but fortunately nobody was injured.

The driver of the truck has been charged with a range of offenses, including drunk driving. He reportedly was suffering a hangover, and recorded a blood-alcohol content of 0.15. Other offenses include failing to secure his load, and overloading the truck.

rock after falling off truck
A rock-block that fell off a speeding truck in Hualien City this morning, December 20, 2016. Some media reports said it was marble. Hualien has a major quarrying industry that includes marble, granite, and other stone products. Picture: reader contributed to United Daily News.
a forklift lifts a 24 ton block of rock in Hualien City
A heavy-duty forklift was used to lift the block back onto the truck. Picture: Reader-contributed to United Daily News.
Rock block loaded onto truck
A 24 ton block is seen after being reloaded onto a truck. Wood blocks were placed under the middle of the block, and a single steel cable was used to secure it. Physicists, please comment. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

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