Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect in Xinyi District: First Fines Issued

Picture: Central News Agency

A smoking ban announced earlier this year went into effect October 1, and the first tickets were issued today, Tuesday, November 1, in Taipei City’s Xinyi District.

The month of October was treated as a grace-period, where violators were given warnings about the about the impending fines.

Today, the first tickets were issued. As of 5:30PM, a total of 57 violations had been recorded.

Fifty-one people were issued tickets for smoking outside of the three designated smoking areas, and six for improper disposal of cigarette butts.

The Xinyi district of Taipei is an upscale shopping precinct, and is known as the city’s financial center, being home to international banks and financial institutions. Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper, which once held the record of tallest building in the world, is located there. It is also home to Taipei City Hall, who put the smoking ban into effect.

The ban covers a pedestrian area bounded by Songgao Road, Songzhi Road, Songshou Road, and Lane 20 of Songgao Road, and includes open spaces adjacent to the Breeze Center and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

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