Man who picked up loot dropped by bank robber charged

Police investigators have located most of the NT$100,000 in cash that remained unaccounted for, after a suspect was arrested for a bank robbery in Banciao District.

Police arrested 31-year-old chef You Ning-jun (游甯鈞) Saturday, December 29, a little more than 24 hours after the robbery at a branch of Yangxin Bank on Minhang Road. You had used a replica pistol to threaten bank staff before making away with NT$3.34 million.

Upon his arrest, police recovered NT$2.33 million in cash from the luggage compartment of You’s Mercedes Benz sedan. You had used NT$900,000 to take the vehicle out of pawn shortly after committing the bank robbery.

NT$100,000 of the stolen cash remained unaccounted for, and the robbery suspect told police that he had accidentally dropped some cash during his escape.

Police accessing traffic monitor footage discovered that a bundle of cash had fallen out of an unzipped bag as You rounded a corner on Jinmen Street during his escape. The video footage showed that You briefly looked back at the dropped loot, but did not stop to pick it up.

A man was seen picking up the cash shortly afterwards and counting it while walking away.

Investigators eventually identified and located a 63-year-old man named Hsu. During questioning by police, Hsu told the officers that he had found the cash and had intended to hand it into police, but had been too busy with work to go to the police station.

The cash Hsu handed to police was short of NT$8,700.

Hsu was handed to the District Prosecutor to face charges of taking lost property.

a passerby picks up a bundle of cash from the middle of the street in Banqiao District
Mr Hsu picks up a windfall in the middle of the street in Banqiao City, December 28, 2018.
a man counts money he found in the middle of a street in Banqiao District
Hsu said that he intended to hand over the money to police but was too busy in his job making deliveries in Ilan County.

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