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Formosa stands tall

An evil knocked us back
We surrender to the shock
Gravely, many take the flak
Eek! we dare not mock
Amidst shocking turn of events
In the playground of yesteryears
we observe in utter silence
The thrill of bouncing back

Very many thoughts came back
Can’t be held in abeyance
Unflinching determination, right on track
Swiftly move ahead in compliance
To protect and to heal
Through the valley of death
Nothing too shameful to reveal
Then, I hold my breath

I see a distant land
Battling the demon with vigour
For it’s the ‘Beautiful Island’
A ripple, flap and flutter
Of the red-white-blue on high
The brightest sun and star
We hear a battle cry

Against the deadly at war
Lessons learnt the hard way
To lead on and inspire
Earnestly, resolutely and focussed everyday
Formosa stands tall to bear
The weight of sullen darkness
Fight it, calm and brave
And rise above all challenges
Pave new paths to save

The gem of Taiwan’s East
Houses the lust for life
Carpe diem, all nightmares eased
Your abode, evades all strife
A full moon, a wish
May lanterns rule the darkness
Spiritual synergy and prayers flourish
Freedom from distress, we witness

Elsa Lycias Joel 


Fashioned from hard sandy stones
She stands unique and isolated
Crowned herself with many crowns
Ah! heaven and earth created

The holy ridge line ends
Large barrels of wine invites
Round peaks, snow kissed giants
Taiwan’s three tips have eyes

Oh Papakwaka! your splendorous bluffs
Are you the holy grail!
For acrophiles, conquerors and toughs
Ah! May your magnificence prevail

Whys and wherefores of folktales
Welcome the world to know
Of Atayals,a human race
With marks of honour aglow

Yowza, she weaves, he hunts
The sacred spots always await
A steadfast soul that earns
It’s rightful place, nobody’s late.

Elsa Lycias Joel

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