BMW Mounts Mazda in Taichung City

A driver hit a police patrol car before crashing into another car on an expressway in Taichung City last night, Friday, April 13.

Police had originally been called to the scene of an accident when a man named Luo, who was found to have a breath alcohol level of 0.61mg/l, crashed into the outer traffic barrier.

A police patrol car with flashing lights was parked behind the crashed vehicle, while a police officer positioned himself around 75 meters behind the patrol car to direct traffic from the outside to the middle lanes.

At around 11:00pm, the 20 year-old driver of a white BMW, named Lin, saw the police officer and changed to the middle lane. However, after passing the officer, the driver switched back into the outside lane and hit the back of the patrol car before careering across the middle lanes and hitting a Mazda driven by a man named Chen.

Police administered alcohol breath tests on both drivers, who were found to be clear. Lin told police that the NT$2 million BMW belonged to his father, and was fully insured. The police department and Mr Chen will both sue the BMW driver for damages.

a police patrol car was hit on the rear left

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