Two Foreign Workers Found Dead in Effluent Tank

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Two foreign laborers were found unconscious at the bottom of an effluent tank at a factory in Tainan City’s Guantian industrial zone this morning October 15. Firefighters later confirmed the men are dead.

Gas detection equipment was used to identify the presence of toxic, flammable, hydrogen sulfide gas.

Workers at the Sunny Environmental Consultants, Ltd plastics recovery factory realized the 2 men were missing when staff lined up for a health check this morning.

Managers checked video monitor footage which showed the men in the effluent processing area at around midnight before they disappeared.

At the time of writing levels of poison gas still prevented firefighters from recovering the bodies of the men. Firefighters are attempting to use equipment to disperse the dangerous gas. Due to the flammable nature of the gas, firefighters are unable to use cutting equipment.

workers at factory
Workers wait outside a factory where two of their colleagues lay dead after being overcome by toxic fumes.

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