Third Suspect Identified in ATM Heist: 80 Million Taiwan Dollars Stolen

Police have named a third suspect after a two-day bank heist that saw 34 ATM machines hacked and more than NTD$80 million dollars (around USD$2.5 million) stolen. The third suspect is believed to have remained in Taiwan.

The estimated haul was revised upwards from yesterday’s reported NTD$70 million.

A Latvian man surnamed Andrenjs is alleged to have stayed at the 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei’s Xinyi District along with the two Russian suspects who departed the country early Monday morning July 11.

The two Russian suspects surnamed Berezovskiy, 34, and Berkman, 28, boarded a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong early Monday morning, and from Hong Kong flew to Moscow.

No records exist of the third man’s departure. Police believe the man may have remained in Taiwan to launder the money, as such a large amount of cash is very difficult to physically move out of the country.

Two Russian suspects.
Two Russian men believed to be behind a bank heist that involved hacking 34 ATM machines belonging to Taiwan’s First National Bank over the weekend of July 9 and 10. The picture is from CCTV footage at the counter of a car rental company at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

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