Taipei Mayor Gaffes Again: Rape is Cheaper than Seduction

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) apologized today after making controversial comments at a closed-door meeting with Democratic Progressive Party representatives yesterday.

During a discussion of the city’s urban renewal program, Ko made an analogy comparing forced land acquisition for a set price per ping as being like rape, while offering market rates to land owners was a form of seduction. After making the analogy, he said “rape is cheaper than seduction.”

The mayor’s comments were lambasted in the press, and incensed women’s groups.

Mayor Ko apologized in front of reporters today and acknowledged that his analogy was inappropriate and he would not use it again. He also promised to be more careful about his words in the future.

Mayor Ko, who has Asperges Syndrome, is well-known for his gaffes. In March, while promoting Taipei as a tourist destination, he told listeners that Hong Kong is boring, and added insult to injury April 9 when he said Hong Kong had no free will.

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