Tainan’s Electric Buses Not as Environmentally Friendly as You Think

Residents in Tainan met local government representatives to protest against the Tainan City Transport Bureau’s use of diesel powered generators at a bus charging station next to their homes.

Residents who live in the vicinity of the charging station in the Anping District complained that the diesel generators emit diesel fumes and an ear-splitting noise.

The Tainan City Government rolled out the buses after a ceremony March 22, where Mayor William Lai praised the buses as part of the government’s ‘low carbon city’ policy. Protesters today said the government’s environmental policy was a scam.

The diesel generators run constantly everyday from 7a.m. to 10p.m.

A diesel powered electric generator at a bus charging station
A large diesel fuel-powered electricity generator is seen at an electric bus charging station in Tainan City, Taiwan. Photo: Apple Daily.

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