Suspected Drunk Driver Flees after Crashing into Campus Building

Police suspect a drunk driver fled after crashing into an outbuilding of an elementary school campus in Danshui District in the early hours of the morning, today, January 22.

At around 2:00 am, a driver lost control of a black Lexus and crashed through a hedge before smashing through a low brick wall and hitting a building in the campus of Xinshi Elementary School. The building is located on the school’s farm.

Residents in nearby high-rise apartment buildings were woken up by the sound of the crash. When police and firefighters showed up at the scene, the driver was nowhere to be found. After dawn, residents from the surrounding buildings took pictures and uploaded them to social media.

The school campus’ security cameras picked up blurry images of a short-haired man alighting from the vehicle and running away.

Police traced the owner of the car and ordered him to appear to make a testimony. The owner of the vehicle, Mr Wu, told police that the vehicle belonged to his company and was used by various people, and that he did not know who was driving at the time.

Police are continuing investigations.

car crashed on school campus

car crashed on school campus

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