Spiderman Killed Off in Police Video

The National Police Agency (NPA) has produced a video featuring Spiderman in an attempt to urge people to look behind before opening their car door into traffic.

The video sees Spiderman attempt to foil a bank robbery. However, while chasing the crooks on foot, the popular superhero is killed by a driver who carelessly opens their car door without first looking behind them.

The video was uploaded to the NPA Facebook page, where it received mostly favorable comments. Viewers called it funny, creative, impressive, and some said it was effective, and had influenced them to take care when opening their car doors.

However, some people questioned whether the use of the comic book character was authorized. One reader called Zhou(洲) asked: “Does this have Sony authorization?” Another asked “Is this Marvel authorized?” One commenter also accused Taiwan of lacking respect for intellectual property rights and people’s talents.

So far, the 1 minute 25 second video has been viewed more than 162, 000 times

According to National Police Agency statistics, from 2012 to 2015, careless opening of car doors resulted in a total of more than 13,000 accidents involving 22 deaths, and 16,525 injuries.

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