Spanish Surfer Stabbed by Fishermen

A Spanish man was stabbed on a beach in Pingtung County during an altercation with local fishermen. One wound missed his heart by 1 centimeter.

According to reports at United Daily News, and Liberty Times Network, 42 year-old Inecio Prio cut a fisherman’s line after it became wrapped around his leg while he was surfing at a beach in Manchou Township this morning, March 31.

Four fishermen confronted the surfer and an altercation followed during which Mr Prio was stabbed in the chest. Prio was rushed to Hengchun Tourism Hospital for treatment. Medical staff told reporters that Mr Prio suffered multiple stab wounds, including one that caused a collapsed lung, and missed his heart by just 1 centimeter.

Hengchun Tourism Hospital Deputy Director Chen Mingzhi said that if the wound went a little deeper Prio would have died on the spot.

A surf shop owner said Mr Prio has been in Taiwan for over a month, and went surfing every day at Jialeshui Beach.

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