Six Injured in Coach Crash

An intercity coach traveling between Taipei and Kaohsiung crashed into a guardrail on the national highway after the driver collapsed at the wheel in the early hours Thursday, August 11.

Six people, including the driver suffered minor injuries in the accident. The driver was sent to hospital with a fractured left foot, while passengers suffered minor bruises and abrasions.

The coach was traveling on the highway passing through Nantun District in Taichung at around 2:00 a.m. when the driver collapsed at the wheel. The bus veered into the guardrail and came to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

The driver was reportedly trapped in his seat while passengers let themselves off the bus and waited for rescue workers.

It is not known whether the driver suffered from a medical condition, or merely fell asleep at the wheel.

A driver is assisted by rescue workers
The driver of a coach that crashed on the National Highway is assisted by rescue workers in the early hours of August 11, 2016. Photo: UDN

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