Runaway Truck Smashes into Vehicles Causing After-School Traffic Chaos

[Cover Picture: Liberty Times Network]

Brake failure is the suspected cause of a multi-vehicle accident in Changhua County’s Tianzhong (Tienchung) Township this afternoon.

At around 4:00pm, shortly after children were let out of school, a 48 year-old driver named Yu (余) lost control of his truck on a downhill section of Zhongnan Road.

The speeding truck rear-ended a scooter and two cars traveling in the same direction, then careered into two on-coming cars before flipping over in front of a school bus.

Fortunately, nobody was critically injured in the accident. Mr Yu was the most seriously injured, with a fractured femur and multiple abrasions. After being cut out of the mangled wreck of his truck, Yu was taken to hospital conscious with injuries described as non life-threatening.

The driver of another vehicle, a 48 year-old woman named Chen fainted from shock, but was otherwise not injured.

damaged car and school buses blocked due to crash
A smashed-up car is seen after an accident that caused a traffic jam that included school buses in Tienchung Township, Changhua County on the afternoon of September 4, 2017. Picture: Liberty Times Network (Reader-contributed).

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