Police Crash into Suspect’s Car During Chase in Taoyuan City

A stolen car ended up mounted on the front fender of a police vehicle, after a high speed chase in Taoyuan City ended with a crash early this morning, January 16.

At around 4:30 am, police on patrol in Chungli spotted a silver-black sedan which registered as a stolen vehicle on the police computer network. When the officers signaled the driver to stop, the suspect stepped on the throttle and attempted to escape.

The police officers chased the car to Bade District, where the suspect suddenly hit the brakes, causing the police car to collide with the vehicle. Both vehicles ended up in a plowed field beside the road, with the suspect’s vehicle mounted on the front fender of the police car.

The officers, who were not injured in the crash, immediately exited the car and demanded the two suspects get out of their vehicle. The suspects refused to open their doors, and the police officers were forced to smash the windows with batons.

A 45 year-old, and a 39 year-old man were arrested.

police car and suspect's car after crash

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