Pilots Sleeping on the Job: Whistleblower

Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) has promised to investigate after allegations were made that pilots on Tiger Air flights regularly took naps after take-off.

The allegations were made by a co-pilot who took pictures over a one year period of 8 pilots sleeping on the job.

Tiger Air, a Taiwan-based low cost carrier, said that of the 8 pilots, 5 are currently employed by the airline, and 3 have since left.

The CAA said that if the allegations are proven, Tiger Air may be liable to pay a fine of between NT$600,000 and NT$3 million.

pilot napping while flying a commercial airliner
A pilot taking a nap on a Tiger Airways flight. Picture published on various media sites after being released by a whiste-blower co-pilot.

Sources: Apple Daily and Liberty Times Network.

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