People Pitch-in to Lift Bus off Accident Victim

Fifteen passers-by helped lift a bus to free a man who was stuck under it after the bus smashed into the back of the victim’s SUV in Sanxia, yesterday evening.

At around 8:00pm, a couple had just parked their car and were taking their 4 year-old twins out of the back seat, when a bus driver ‘suffering a lapse in concentration’ drove his bus into the back of the vehicle.

Thirty-four year-old Ms Wu was thrown onto the sidewalk, while her husband, 41 year-old Mr Tsai, ended up stuck under the bus. The children’s safety seat fell out of the car.

Passers-by rushed in to help the couple. Fifteen of them helped to lift the bus so Mr Tsai could be extracted.

The four family members were taken to hospital by ambulance.

People in Sanxia District of New Taipei City help lift a bus off an accident victim January 17, 2017. Photo: We are Shulin People Facebook group.

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