Midnight Swim Turns into 2 Hour Ordeal for Canadian Woman

A Canadian woman swimming with a group of friends at a New Taipei City Beach was swept out by a rip tide at around 1:00am this morning. The woman managed to make it back to shore on her own around 2 hours later.

The group of 5 friends were camping at a Baishawan beach. They decided to go for a midnight swim, but got into difficulties in the large waves. Four men got back to shore, but the 23 year-old woman was missing. They sought help at a nearby B&B who called emergency services.

Police, firefighters, coast guard officers, and a helicopter were dispatched to the scene.

Rescue workers were unable to put a life raft to sea due to large waves and poor visibility. A coast guard boat searched offshore but was unable to locate the woman.

According to Apple Daily, the woman’s boyfriend is a student at a university in Taiwan. The woman and friends are visiting Taiwan. Firefighters said her friends were elated after finding her safe and well. They embraced the rescue workers and thanked them for their help.

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