Man Drives off Wharf: Rescued Twice

A man deliberately drove his car into a harbor in Ilan County this afternoon, September 5, but escaped the sinking vehicle through a broken window.

At around 3PM, the crew of whale-watching vessel docked at the wharf saw a flash of white, followed by a big splash as a Toyota Yaris flew off the edge of the wharf and into the water in front of the Wushih Harbor Visitors Center.

Crew members jumped into the water and rescued the man. After they had him on board, however, the man called out “why did you rescue me?” then jumped overboard again. He was then rescued a second time.

Rescue workers used a rope to tie the large man to a rescue board so they could get him into an ambulance.

Witnesses say the 37 year-old man reeked of alcohol. Police say the man had a criminal record and had been released on parole in May after serving time for a drug conviction.

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