Man Arrested After Posting Lethal Weapon Video to Youtube

A 25 year old man was arrested in Taichung after police found Youtube videos demonstrating the lethal power of modified air-guns.

A police criminal investigation unit in Taichung patrolling the Internet became suspicious when they saw air-guns offered for sale on an Internet auction site at up to 10 times the normal price. The videos associated with the ads demonstrated that the rifles and handguns had been modified to fire pellets that penetrated metal.

A police officer posing as a customer offered to buy one of the weapons priced at NT$60,000. Police arrested the man, surnamed Hong, after meeting him at a convenience store.

When police searched Hong’s residence they found 13 weapons that had been modified to lethal power.

Hong told police he had purchased the air-guns for NT$1,500 – NT$8,000 and modified internal parts and springs. He had been advertising them for sale on the Internet for 2 months, but nobody had shown any interest in the guns, probably because they were too expensive. Hong didn’t suspect that his first customers would be the police.

air guns modified to penetrate steel
Handguns and pellets seized in Taichung City. Picture: Liberty Times Network

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