Low Water Levels Reveal Old Well: Maybe from Dutch Era Formosa

Receding water levels at a reservoir in Chiayi County have revealed a well that has been submerged since the reservoir was reconstructed during the Japanese colonial period.

The Lantan Reservoir was originally constructed by the Dutch when they occupied Formosa 1624 to 1662. After the Dutch left, the reservoir fell into disrepair. A Hakka immigrant surnamed Wu bought the land where the well is located, but during the Japanese colonial period, the land was resumed, and the reservoir reconstructed to supply water for farming, and municipal water supply.

The Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Bureau will ask experts to analyze the well and ascertain its origins.

An old well in Taiwan that may have been built by the Dutch
A well that is usually submerged in Lantan Reservoir is believed to be centuries old, and possibly of Dutch Colonial origin. Photo: UDN

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