Legislator Calls for Maori Exchanges

[Picture: Liberty Times Network]
Democratic Progressive Party legislator Chen Ying today requested the Ministry of Health and Welfare help establish a project group to make a record of Maori medicinal herbs. Chen said there should be more exchanges on health with the New Zealand indigenous people.

Chen told the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee that the ancestors of the Maori people had migrated to New Zealand more than 700 years ago from a place called Waikiki, and that Waikiki is actually Taiwan’s East Rift Valley.

Chen said that 800-1000 years ago, the Maori people lived in Taiwan, and that Taiwan is their place of origin. The DNA of Maori people, and that of Taiwan’s indigenous people is 60% identical. Therefore to improve aboriginal health policy, the Maori are a worthy object of study.

Chen proposed that the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Maori King’s office establish exchanges.

Source: Liberty Times Network

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