Killer Surrenders to Police

A man wanted for a murder in Taoyuan turned himself in to police in Ilan County yesterday. The victim, who operated a money lending business, lived in Taoyuan’s Guishan district. After having lunch with his family July 24, he went out alone, but failed to return for the evening meal. The family reported him missing and police accessed his phone records to trace his route.  Accessing surveillance cameras, they saw the victim, Mr. Zhou, walking with a Mr. Yang and entering a small alley.

Mr. Zhou’s wife recognized the vicinity and offered information that led police to a house where they found Mr. Zhou’s body with multiple stab wounds to his chest and abdomen.

The suspect, Mr. Yang owed Mr. Zhou several million dollars which he had no way of paying back. He was on the run for several days, but realized there was no way he could elude police in the long run. He gave himself in to police in Ilan July 27.


A man is shackled and handcuffed being escorted by police after being charged with murder
A man is escorted by police after being charged with homicide.

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