Greek Carrier Sinks Chinese Fishing Boat: 6 Rescued, 8 Missing

The Greek registered bulk carrier Anangel Courage sent out a distress call at approximately 5.30am Tokyo time after it collided with a Chinese fishing vessel, which sank near the Senkaku (Diaoyutai) Islands.

Six crew were rescued by a Japanese Coast Guard ship, and 8 are missing. Coast guard boats from China and fixed-wing aircraft from Japan were immediately dispatched to the area. Taiwan has sent search and rescue vessels from Taoyuan and Keelung coast guard stations.

The Greek ship is enroute from Nantong China to Port Hedland Australia.

coast guard Japan rescues Chinese fisherman
Japanese coast guard rescue a Chinese fisherman after a fishing vessel sank Thursday, August 11. Photo: Kyodo
The Anangel Courage
The Anangel Courage is reported to have collided with a Chinese fishing boat between Taiwan and the Daiyutai (Senkaku) Islands
approximate location of ship when it sank a Chinese fishing boat
The approximate location of the ship Anangel Courage when it hit a Chinese fishing boat

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