10 Year-old Boy Releases Flare in Keelung: Sets Neighbor’s Car on Fire

A 10 year-old boy alone at home, and feeling bored, released a flare from a third-story Window. The flare smashed through the rear window of a neighbors car, starting a small fire.

Nearby residents managed to extinguish the fire with water before it spread from the rear hatch. The owner found the remains of a cylinder and police identified it as a flare after accessing cctv footage which showed it shooting out from an apartment on the third floor.

When police went to the home, the boy tearfully confessed and apologized. His father hurried home and offered compensation to the owner of the car, who is a cancer patient struggling to make ends meet.

car with hole in window caused by flare
A car damaged by a flare that was released by a 10 year-old boy in Keelung, today, August 10, 2016
a boy and his father in Keelung
A boy who released a flare and accidentally set fire to a car in Keelung August 10.

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