First Typhoon Forms in the Western Pacific: Record Broken

A tropical depression near Guam is expected to intensify to typhoon strength. Nepartak is the first named tropical storm of 2016 after a record spell of 201 days since the last typhoon left the region December 15, 2015.

The previous record for typhoon-free days stood at 198, and was reached in 1973 and again in 1998.

0000UTC 03 July 2016
Center Location 8.9N 145.2E
Movement ENE 15km/hr
Minimum Pressure 998 hpa
Maximum Wind Speed 18 m/s
Gust 25 m/s
Radius of 15m/s 80km

Tropical Typhoon Nepartak
Tropical Typhoon Nepartak marks the first named storm of the 2016 typhoon season
Satellite image of tropic cyclone Nepartak
Satellite image of tropic cyclone Nepartak
potential track area of Nepartak
Tropical Typhoon Nepartak July 3, 2016

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