Drunk Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel After Sideswiping Car

A driver in downtown Taichung City was so drunk that he didn’t realize he’d sideswiped a parked car. Around one minute later he stopped at a red light and fell asleep.

Police officers from Dadun station were on patrol at around 3:00am, when they saw a yellow Chevrolet Camaro idling at an intersection as the traffic lights turned from red to green, then red again. The officers approached the car and woke the driver up. A roadside breath test on the 21 year-old driver, named Lin, gave a blood alcohol reading of BrAC 0.85mg/l (BAC 0.17%).

When police asked him why he had left the scene of an accident, Mr Lin denied having hit the car. “I was awake and clear headed,” Lin told the officers.

There were visible scratches on the side of the Camaro.

According to UDN, Lin had just left a nightclub where he had been consuming cocktails.

police and drink driver
A car idling at an intersection with the driver fast asleep. Police photo.
damaged car
A car sideswiped by a drunk driver in Taichung City. Police photo.
drunk driver being breath tested
The driver blew 0.85mg/l (0.17%).

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