Drunk Driver Apologizes after Second Fatal Accident

[Picture: UDN]

A man arrested after a drunk driving accident that saw a 19 year-old man killed apologized, and said that he had forgotten the lesson he learned after a similar incident 3 years ago.

Mr Lee, 30, drove his car drunk and at high speed in Keelung City, Monday evening, January 1. Crossing the center lines to overtake another car, Lee’s car smashed into an oncoming scooter ridden by a 19 year-old soldier named Lin (some sources report 18 years-old). Lin died of massive blood loss at the scene of the accident.

Yesterday, as police led Lee out of the detention cells, Lee apologized in front of reporters. He admitted that he had driven drunk in 2014, resulting in an accident that killed his girlfriend. Yesterday, he drank 6 bottles of beer before getting behind the wheel. “I forgot my previous mistake: I’m very sorry,” he said.

Lee was sentenced to a three month prison term after the previous accident.

Shortly after 8:00pm, Monday, Lee left a shrimp fishing pond in Xizhi District and headed home to Keelung City. According to police investigators, video monitor footage of the accident showed Lee’s car hurtling down the 40 kph speed limited street at an estimated speed of more than 100 kph. Lin and his scooter are said to have flown and skidded 100 meters after the impact.

mangled wreck of scooter
The deceased rider’s scooter. Picture: UDN.
damaged car
Lee’s car. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

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