Driver Plows into Crowded Street: 1 Dead, 13 Injured

A 79 year-old driver crashed his car in a crowded market street in New Taipei City’s Zhonghe District, hitting multiple vehicles including 2 cars, 7 motorcycles and a bicycle, leaving 1 dead, one seriously injured, and 12 with lighter injuries.

The driver, Mr Shen, claims his accelerator pedal was stuck. Media pictures showed the twisted wreck of a bicycle ridden by the deceased, who died at the scene, along with scattered scooters. Witnesses said Mr Shen’s vehicle left a bloody trail.

Of the eight people taken to hospital, one is in intensive care with multiple fractures and head injuries. Six of the injured suffered minor contusions and left after being treated at the scene.

Mr Shen said he had been driving for 50 years, and this was his first car accident.

Featured image from United Daily News.

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