Car Plows into Scooters: 5 Injured

Update: A 72 year-old woman among the injured has died, and an 83 year-old man has been charged with negligent homicide.

A car plowed into a group of stationary scooter riders waiting at a red light in Kaohsiung today, knocking down vehicles and riders like bowling pins and resulting in injuries to five people.

At 5:30pm this evening, seven scooters were stopped at a red light at an intersection in Renwu Township, when the car careered into them from behind. Three men and two women were injured.

Emergency responders dispatched five ambulances and a support vehicle to the scene of the accident. Police are still investigating the cause of the incident.

injured people at the scene of an accident in Kaohsiung
Injured victims are seen receiving treatment after a car plowed into a group of scooter riders at an intersection in Kaohsiung today, August 9, 2016. Photo: UDN

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