Canadian Hit by Car in October Dies

A Canadian man who was hit by a car in Taichung, October 1, has died in a Calgary hospital, after returning to Canada by medevac last month.

John Kelly, 31, passed away December 14, after his family made the decision to let him go peacefully. Doctors had told the family that Mr Kelly had extensive damage to his brain-stem and that there was no chance of recovery.

Kelly had been teaching English in Taichung in order to be closer to his 3 year-old daughter, who lived there with her Taiwanese mother. He was hit by a car while crossing the street on his way home from work.

Police refused to charge the driver, claiming they had insufficient evidence.

Mr Kelly’s family faced CAD $25,000 in medical bills in Taiwan, as Kelly’s employer did not provide health insurance. They then faced more than CAD $60,000 for the medevac. Mr Kelly’s father started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $50,000 to offset the costs.

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