Bungee Jumpers Banned

Local police and representatives of Nantou County Government showed up at a suspension bridge in Xinyi Township this morning to stop a bungee jumping event slated for today February 19.

The authorities were informed by members of the public that bungee jumps from the bridge were planned for February 19 and March 5. However, the organizers had not obtained permission from the county government or relevant authorities.

The Dongpu Suspension Bridge is the longest and highest in Taiwan, with a span of 200 meters, and a height of 128 meters.

The event organizer engaged in a stand-off with the police for over two hours before finally being persuaded to leave.

The organizer of a bungee jumping event argues with county officials. Picture: Apple Daily.
view from Dongpu Suspension Bridge
View from Dongpu (Tungpu) Bridge. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

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