Ax Murder in Nantou

A deaf-mute man has died in hospital after being attacked by another deaf-mute man in Nantou County. On July 20, the suspect, Mr. Xiao, got angry about his former co-worker, talking behind his back and mocking him for having a criminal record.

Mr. Xiao grabbed a set of knuckledusters and went out and bought an ax. He proceeded to Mr. Chen’s workplace and confronted the victim in front of startled staff and clients. Mr. Xiao, wearing the knuckledusters, knocked down Mr. Chen, then savagely attacked him in the head and abdomen with the ax.

Xiao fled from the scene of the crime on foot, then turned himself in at a nearby Fire Station. In the meantime, Mr. Chen was rushed to a local hospital, but was so severely injured that he was transferred to a hospital in Taichung City. Two days later, Mr. Chen died.

The suspect is pointing to a bloodied knuckduster he used to knock out his victim
The suspect identifies the weapon he used to knock down his victim
The suspect is sitting handcuffed at the police station.
A man named Xiao is charged with the ax murder.
The ax used in the murder
The ax used to kill Mr Chen.

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