Angry Girlfriend Ditches Boyfriend’s Car

After officers accessed surveillance monitor footage today, they discovered that a woman had apparently deliberately driven a BMW into a drainage channel in Taipei City.

Police received a report early this morning that a car had fallen into the stream in Nangang District. Nobody was found in or around the car. Police tracked down the owner, a man named Lin. Lin told them that he must have forgotten to apply the handbrake, causing the car to roll from the perfectly level car park and jump a short barrier into the ditch.

After police accessed video monitors, however, they found that Lin’s girlfriend, Ms Hsu, had driven the white BMW to the car park at around 7:40pm last night, and that Lin had arrived on a scooter. The couple appeared to be having an argument when Hsu suddenly jumped into the driver’s seat and drove over the edge.

Lin then took a flashlight from his scooter, went down into the channel, and rescued his girlfriend. The couple then left on the scooter.

traffic barrier
A short barrier which a car was driven over last night in Taipei City.

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