Abandoned New Born Spends Night Out of Doors

A new born baby with umbilical cord still attached survived the night in an alley in Tainan City on the coldest night so far this winter.

A resident of Anping District heard the baby crying in the early hours of the morning, but ignored the cries, thinking it was just a stray cat. Hearing the cries again after waking up, the middle-aged man surnamed Liu went out to investigate. Mr Liu found a new-born baby boy wrapped in a green towel at around 8:00am.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

Temperatures plummeted to around 10°C around the island as Taiwan came under the influence of a cold continental air mass last night.

The baby was described as “white with cold and immobile but still breathing” when found. A doctor said the infant was suffering from hypothermia when brought to the hospital, with a temperature of 23°C, and a heart rate of less than 30bpm. The doctor said the baby is in a stable condition after being put in an incubator.

At around noon, the mother of the child was identified as a nearby resident.

a baby that was abandoned in Tainan City
A newborn baby after being found in a alley in Tainan City January 21, 2017. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

Sources: Liberty Times Network and United Daily News.

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