3 Stabbed in KTV Fight

Four people were hospitalized this morning, three with stab wounds, after a fight broke out between rival gangs of youths at a KTV in Mucha District, Taipei City.

The fight broke out at around 4:00am at a branch of the Holiday KTV chain. Police found the injured at a blood-splattered crime scene, but the perpetrators had fled.

Two men suffered stab wounds to the abdomen, while another was cut on his arms. A woman was treated for hyperventilation.

After the injured were sent to the emergency department of Wan Fang hospital, a mob of more than 40 people dressed in black arrived at the hospital and tried to enter.

Police blocked the entrances to stop the angry mob, who were seeking retribution for the victims.

blood on floor of KTV
The blood-splattered floor of a KTV after three were stabbed this morning, July 31, 2017. Picture: United Daily News.
police and gang members talk
Police make inquiries about a stabbing in Mucha District while a staff member cleans up the blood outside a Holiday KTV. Picture: United Daily News.
police block entrance of emergency ward
Police block an entrance to the emergency ward at a hospital to prevent an angry mob from entering. Picture: Apple Daily.

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